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Daily Prothom Alo, or Prothomalo, is a Bangladesh national daily. The national daily is owned by Mediastar Ltd., one of Bangladesh’s foremost media companies. Lots of readers also turn to eprothomalo, the newspaper’s electronic version.

This publishing house has a huge readership and is regarded as one of Bangladesh’s most respected national dailies. 

Prothom Alo is published in Bengali and has a massive circulation index. This paper is currently ranked as Bangladesh’s largest when it comes to circulation figures.

Just as expected, a lot of positive and negative attention has been directed towards the paper over the years. But it has continued to churn out major stories from Bangladesh and around the globe to its readers.

Prothom Alo Newspaper

Founding Date

Daily Prothom Alo (প্রথম আলো) opened for business early in November 1998. The publishing house began operations around Dhaka metropolis and has since outgrown its initial infrastructure.

Today, numerous printing presses are owned by this publishing house to serve its ever-expanding number of readers.


Prothomalo currently has its headquarters at Progoti Insurance Bhobon, 20-21, Kawran Bazar, Dhaka – 1215, Bangladesh.

Estimated Number of Copies Circulated Each Day

In the paper’s early days, circulation figures were at a low, totaling just over forty thousand copies sold per day.

But in recent years, and as a result of the papers fearless and revealing reporting, readership continues to soar exponentially. Current figures put Prothomalo’s circulation index at around 500,000 copies per day.

The readership of this paper’s print edition eclipses its circulation rate. A reputable source puts Prothomalo’s daily reading figure at over six million.

Online Platform

Also a high-ranker, Prothom Alo’s electronic version receives millions of visits every month. Stats also show that Prothom Alo’s website is accessed from hundreds of countries across the globe annually.

Page views across the newspaper’s main site are put at tens of millions every month. Also, It’s e-paper (eprothomalo) commands at least 20 million views every month. 

Many subscribers also hook on to Prothom Alo’s thriving social media presence. This paper has more than 6 million followers on its official Facebook page and hundreds of thousands of visits.

This paper has also made provisions for mobile news readers. The Prothom Alo App is available on several mobile platforms with almost 800,000 downloads and counting. This app assures readers an identical experience with a traditional newspaper at their convenience.

Columnists and Editor

Numerous popular columnists usually feature in Prothom Alo’s publications. Notable columnists such as Abul Hayat, Syed Islam, Muhammad Iqbal, among others are regulars for the paper.

Also, it’s current Deputy Editor usually features as a satirical columnist in several editions.

With a professional group of Bangladesh’s top writers, Prothomalo (প্রথমআলো) has a lot to offer readers every day.

All content published on it has to get approval from Matiur Rahman, the Chief Editor. Mr. Rahman has been with Prothom Alo as an editor since inception and currently doubles as its publisher.

Negative Attention

A controversial event damaging to Prothom Alo’s popularity took place in 2008. A religious-focused cartoon from Arifur Rahman was published in Prothom Alo which sparked widespread protests.

Most commentators attributed Rahman’s cartoon to Prothom Alo’s liberal stance on religion. It took an apology from the paper’s editor and a six – month jail term for Rahman to restore normalcy.

Ever since, Prothomalo has tailored most of its reporting to largely avoid public outcry.  

Anti – Acid Attack Campaign

Most papers in Bangladesh are noted for a certain approach to news reporting. Prothom Alo’s rise to prominence began as the paper and its editor focused on society, culture, and human rights.

Noted in this fight is the paper’s stance against acid attacks towards women, violence against females, terrorism, HIV/AIDS, and drug issues.

In the paper’s early years, it received massive attention from readers based on its style of reporting. Nothing is left to chance when reporting on violence and drug issues. Such investigative, eye-opening reporting won the hearts of Bangladeshis home and abroad.

So much international attention was received by Prothom Alo, among which is a Magsaysay Award won in 2005.

Sponsorship Feat

Mathematics in Bangladesh was promoted in no small way by Prothom Alo in the early 2000s. The paper is also credited as a frontrunner in sponsoring Mathematics with support for Mathematics Olympiad, which is run in Bangladesh.

Associated Media Houses

A lot of media houses share concerns with Prothom Alo, since its’ a subsidiary of Transcom Group. Here’s a list of firms closely related to it;

Biggan Chinta

This is a science-focused magazine, aimed at informing and entertaining Bangladesh’s science-conscious public. The magazine has 12 releases every year with one issue per month.

Most content on Biggan Chinta border around science fiction, writings and more

Prothoma Prokashon (PP)

PP is a publication house with more than a decade of high-quality reporting similar to Prothom Alo. Prothoma Prokashon has received numerous local awards with some of them coming within three years of the paper’s founding. 

Kishor Alo

With Kishor Alo, Transcom Group provides something for Bangladesh’s youth. This magazine comes in monthly issues and focuses on everything to attract teens.


Daily Prothom Alo (প্রথম আলো) has made its name in Bangladesh as one of the best. Lots of readers rely on Prothomalo, for undiluted information to keep abreast of daily events. Millions also opt for eprothomalo and other channels available from one of the world’s best publishing houses just yet.

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