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The Daily Amader Shomoy publishes its news reports entirely in Bengali. Most readers of this paper prefer its broadsheet print version.

Released less than two decades ago, this paper has made its name as one of Bangladesh’s best tabloids. With a liberal approach to news stories, most readers love the paper for its clear-cut reports.

Daily Amader Shomoy

Founding Date/Current Ownership

Daily Amader Shomoy was founded in 2003. It currently runs its operations under the ownership of New Vision Limited.


The paper currently runs major operations from its headquarters at 118-121, Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh.


Amader Shomoy is popular among Bengali-speaking readers who number in the millions. With advances in tech and a greater print media reach, millions of readers scroll through it every day.

Online Platform

A greater reach is what most print newspapers lack, but not Amader Shomoy. With it’s online edition, many readers get a detailed look at everything the print version provides. Also, this newspaper gets released on a daily basis in its e-paper version.


Mohammad Golam Sarwar currently works as it’s Editor–in–Chief. He replaced Nayeemul Islam Khan as the paper’s editorial executive in 2011.

The paper’s publishing house is registered under Notun Vision Private Ltd. 

Notable Sections

Breaking News

Latest stories breaking from all around the globe feature usually as Amader Shomoy’s main story. Also, other top reports in Bangladesh feature on this paper in its daily releases.

Local Stories

Significant events around Bangladesh are reported on this paper. Local news readers fancy this section the most as it provides a holistic view of Bangladesh.

Entertainment and Lifestyle

Bangladesh has an exceptionally-vibrant entertainment sphere with lots of drama, intrigue, and fun. A huge chunk of noteworthy happenings in Bangladesh feature on it’s pages.


Politically-conscious individuals rely on reports from this paper to furnish their opinion and views. Lots of happenings around the political scene in Bangladesh usually feature in most issues.

Also, global news reports on significant political events are reported on it. 

Technology: IT Shomoy

All the latest innovative technology advancements are available on this newspaper. Most tech-focused stories are local, but international stories also feature in this paper’s section.


All sporting events from within Bangladesh and around the globe are available on several Amdr Shomoy releases.

Fun Stories

Focused on youth and teens, some sections on it focus on providing readers fun content. 

Shomoyer Dana

This is a weekly supplement on it. Lots of readers focus on this section for a fresh perspective on several issues happening in the local and international scene.


Lots of readers rely on it’s reports for their information, entertainment, and enlightenment. The Daily Amader Shomoy ranks as a recent addition to many established Bangla papers, but has quickly distinguished itself.

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