BBC Bangla – Engaging, Informative Bangla News

A lot of readers require the best news reporting service to keep informed of latest happenings. In Bangladesh, BBC Bangla is a place to get top local and international news. BBCbangla has been a go-to spot for excellent news reporting and still maintains its status.

With several decades reporting news in Bangla, the BBC now has several media to reach its consumer base.

BBC Bangla Engaging, Informative Bangla News

Launching Date/Current Ownership 

Bangla BBC was launched on October 11, 1941 and has never gone off air ever since. This time range makes BBC Bangla one of radio’s longest broadcasts till date.

The Bangla BBC radio service formerly ran as a quarter hour program and has since evolved to cater for millions of listeners.

It is currently owned by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) World Service.


It’s former headquarter was at Bush House until 2012. From 2012, the service reaches its listeners from the Broadcasting House in London and BBC Kolkata and Dhaka.


It is reported to serve at least 13 million Bengalis with their radio listening service. Also, the service’s online channel available through its website provides up-to-date news reports to numerous readers.

Across Bangladesh and internationally, BBC Bangla provides exceptional services for its listeners and readers round-the-clock.

Sections Of BBC Bangla

News Analysis

Happenings in Bangladesh are discussed at length on BBC Bangla. Different angles to top news events are looked at expertly. Such analysis provides readers a complete perspective of significant events in Bangladesh and beyond.

Lead Stories

No one can resist a detailed look into local and international breaking stories. That’s why BBC Bangla remains truly respected in Bangladesh.

Reports filter in and is reported directly to listeners as-is. Such unbiased reporting assures listeners of correct information with no limits.

Entertainment Programs

The latest happenings in Bangladesh’s entertainment sphere are discussed on this channel. Most reports are on Bangladesh’s industry with some other variations focusing on international entertainment.

BBC Bangladesh Songlap

Resulting from a partnership with Channel I, a live programme, BBC Bangladesh Songlap airs on BBCBangla.

Questions that need answers are put forward on the show by the general public with the right answers coming from qualified sources. 


It’s certain a lot of folks will have something to say about whatever transpires in Bangladesh and internationally. That’s why BBCBangla has the opinions section for its listeners.

Messages are put forward for discussion by the audience to facilitate an interactive session loaded with information and fun.


Sabir Mustafa currently serves as BBC Bangla’s editor. 


BBC Bangla is one of the country’s most popular radio broadcasts and has been so for more than seven decades. On BBCbangla a lot of listeners identify with the professional reporting, latest stories, and several exciting programs.  That’s why this service remains a fan favorite across Bangladesh and for Bengalis globally.