Daily Manab Zamin or ManabZamin – Popular Bangla Newspaper

Daily Manab Zamin, also known informally as ManabZamin is a Bangladeshi national daily. Manab Zamin translates to “People’s Land” in English and remains respected in Bangladesh and around the globe.

Bengali readers focus on this paper’s liberally-aligned reporting to keep updated on all recent events in Bangladesh and beyond.

The paper is released entirely in Bengali and has a massive following among readers.

Daily Manab Zamin people knows it as ManabZamin

Founding Date/Current Ownership

Mzamin was founded in 1997 and has been in print ever since.


The headquarters of this Daily Newspaper is currently located at 40, Zenith Tower, Kawran Bazar, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Wide Circulation

When it comes to circulation, the Daily Manab Zamin is top-ranked in Bangladesh and beyond. Most readers from outside Bangladesh get wind of latest Bangla news and more through Mzamin.

With such a wide reach, the paper has been dubbed the largest circulation Bangla tabloid worldwide. 

Online Platform

This paper’s online platform has brought it a huge chunk of its highest global recognition. www.mzamin.com is listed among the world’s best 1% of websites and also ranks among the world’s top 500 newspaper sites.

As one of Bangladesh’s most-visited websites, this address receives nothing less than 1.5 million visitors every month. Most non – Bengali speaking readers also fancy the website due to its flexible language support.  


Matiur Rahman Chowdhury currently serves as Mzamin’s Editor–in–Chief. Also, the paper currently has Mahibuba Chowdhury as its publisher. 

Feature Pages


Hottest political events from Bangladesh and around the globe usually feature in several Mzamin pages. The paper’s unique reporting style keeps readers tuned in to its political reports.

Breaking News

All the latest reports in Bangladesh come to readers in fine print every day. Most global stories of significance also feature in several Mzamin dailies.

General News

All general news updates from local centers in Bangladesh get reported in detail on Daily Manab Zamin.


Tech gains and applications get frequent reports on this paper. Young readers and tech-conscious readers value this section in every release.


With several feats achieved by Mzamin over the years, it remains respected for churning out quality sporting news. Among these reports are the best local and international stories about sports.

Lifestyle and Entertainment

Entertainment and lifestyle reports are in no short supply from this daily. Most essential and informative news from the entertainment scene grace Mzamin’s pages in many issues.


One notable achievement of Daily Manab Zamin is its ability to create affiliations with global brands. FIFA, the English FA, and UEFA are in partnership with ManabZamin.

Also, big money movie production companies such as Warner Bros. and Sony usually partner with this daily for publicity. 


When Bangladeshis rely on newspapers for information and entertainment, most turn to Daily ManabZamin. With quality reporting and some of the finest professionals and penmen, Mzamin is surely among Bangla’s best publishing houses.

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