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The Naya Diganta newspaper commands a great following in Bangladeshi media. It is one choice for Bengali news readers. Lots of readers flock to the Nayadiganta due to its objective reporting and numerous informative pieces.

All news reports from this paper come published entirely in Bengali. And most local news readers have trusted its reporting for more than a decade.

Daily Naya Diganta

Founding Date/Current Ownership

The Daily Naya Diganta was founded in 2004 by Mir Quasem Ali. This paper currently functions under ownership of Diganta Media Corporation. This media corporation owns numerous medis outfits wihich include Diganta TV, a popular channel in Bangladesh.


The paper currently has its headquarters at 1, RK Mission Road, Manik Mia Foundation, Motijheel Dhaka-1203 Bangladesh.


This paper enjoys a tremendous following, particularly among Bengali – speakers. Most readers prefer this paper due to its fully unbiased approach to news reporting. Its print and online editions enjoy massive subscription and visits every month.

Online Platform

NayaDiganta offers its readers an exceptional experience through its online channels. Most online readers will find identical quality reporting on the latest news and more from Bangladesh and internationally.

With a lot of professional news reporting available on dailynayadiganta.com, readers are assured a wholesome news feed every time.


Alamgir Mohiuddin serves as Naya Diganta’s current Editor – in – Chief. Mohiuddin leads an excellent editorial board with some of Bangladesh’s finest penmen.

Among this group is Ahmed Shahabuddin (Fun Magazine Editor); Maksuda Sultana (Social Magazine Editor); Sabira Sultana (Lifestyle Magazine Editor); and Alfaz Anam (Monthly Magazine Editor).

With this exceptional board,it provides its news readers an excellent view of everything news from within and outside Bangladesh.

Feature Pages & Specials

Several attractive supplements feature in this Bangladeshi tabloid. Most notable among these releases are;


Mostly focused on fun stuff, Therapy provides readers entertaining and informative content every week. This single week release counts as a major Naya Diganta supplement.


Also released on a weekly basis, Abokash places its focus on engaging readers’ attention with equally informative content.

Breaking News

All the breaking stories across Bangladesh and internationally are professionally reported on Naya Diganta.

Local Stories

General stories around Bangladesh get full attention on Naya Diganta every day. In most cases, the paper focuses on significant events poised to educate and inform readers.

Entertainment and Lifestyle

Bangladesh’s entertainment industry remains among the most-respected in Asia. Based on this, most entertainment and lifestyle reports in Bangladesh are newsworthy. And you’ll find the top reports on Naya Diganta week-in, week-out. 

Government and Politics

With an ever-active political landscape, newspapers and other media firms regularly have a field day. And you’re sure to be kept abreast with the latest events around the political map on NayaDiganta.


This newspaper relies on professional reporting to ensure readers get the best information every time. No wonder lots of readers believe Daily Naya Diganta has extensive staff strength to deliver excellent news. And the number of readers who swear by the efficiency of nayadiganta remains ever-increasing.

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