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One of Bangladesh’s most respected national dailies, the Dhaka Tribune commands a huge readership base among English – speaking Bengalis. Most stories from the Dhaka Tribune Bangla focus on human rights, gender equality, free speech, and more.

This paper’s stance on issues around the news gives it an obviously liberal stance. Dhaka Tribune editorial policy resonates with Bangladesh’s public and has made it a top information source.

Dhaka Tribune Bangla and English Newspaper

Founding Date/Current Ownership                         

Founded on April 19th , 2013, the Dhaka Tribune has gone on to become one of the country’s most respected tabloids. This paper possesses most of its global attention from its reporting style and various media channels.

The newspaper is currently run by 2A Media Limited, a subsidiary of Gemcon Group.


Dhaka Tribune Bangla operates out of its headquarters located at FR Tower, 8/C Panthpath, Shukrabad, Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh.

Human Rights Stance

The DhakaTribune’s stance on human rights remains unquestionable. This tabloid’s editorial setup has repeatedly called for the repeal of anti-gay laws.

Also, other news such as reports of violence against free-thinkers and liberal idealists enjoy full attention on this newspaper.  

Online Platform

It’s online platform serves as a bridge in communication for readers in non – Bengali speaking countries.

Professional reporting present on the Tribune’s print edition also features on its website.

And based on this paper’s international popularity, many readers seem to reach for a Tribune before other non – English Bengali dailies.


 Zafar Sobhan is the DhakaTribune’s current Editor – in – Chief. Kazi Anis also functions as this paper’s publisher.

Feature Pages

There’re numerous sections on the Dhaka Tribune, and the paper also sports its fair share of marketing campaigns. Here’s a list of most sections on this top-notch Bangla daily;

Breaking News

Latest happenings around politics, the environment, society, technology, and more feature on it’s pages. With excellent reporting, numerous readers flock to newsstands for a Tribune every day.

General News

All the news of worth around Bangladesh gets reported in this section. Significant news reports such as the Rohingya crisis have made Dhaka Tribune a reputable voice in Bangla media.

Arts and Letters

One of the Tribune’s most popular weeklies, the Arts and Letters magazine features numerous stories. Most of its reports are based on entertainment, art, literature, and lifestyle.

Partnerships and Marketing Campaigns

In 2015, the Dhaka Literary Festival has partnered with DhakaTribune as its media partner. Also, several other marketing campaigns to improve world perception of Bangladesh is spearheaded by this paper.

Most notable among these campaigns are I am Made in Bangladesh and Glad to Be a Bangladeshi.


The Dhaka Tribune remains highly-respected among Bangla national dailies. Most of Dhaka Tribune Bangla reports receive massive public support which has earned it an established standing among media firms in Bangladesh.