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With a detailed focus on the finest news coming out of Bangladesh, Jagonews24 is one of the country’s most reputable online sources. Jagonews commands a top following based on its high quality reporting.

There’s a lot of focus on what online news has to offer in Bangladesh nowadays, with most of its readers among the young population.

Jagonews24 ensures its users get access to exceptional news reporting on latest events in Bangladesh, and lots more.

And there’s no need to bother about duplicity in news reporting when on this platform. Jagonews24 has a slogan boldly printed across its website reading “Home of Online Objective News”. This platform presents its entire news outline in the Bengali language.


Launching Date/Current Ownership 

Jagonews24.com got launched on 10 May 2014. The website is owned by AKC Private Limited. About half a decade after the website’s launch, it still ranks high among Bangladesh’s top sites. It currently ranks as Bangladesh’s 4th highest ranking site when it comes to news reporting.


Jagonews24 currently operates out of Azhar Comfort Complex, GA–130/A Pragati Sarani, Middle Badda, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


When it comes to readership, Jagonews24 commands a huge following. Readership numbers are certain to be very high based on the website’s worldwide and national ranking.


National Stories

Everything of note that takes place in Bangladesh can be found with ease on Jagonews24. With excellent news reporting on religion, culture, latest events, and more are available on Jagonews24.


All the latest happenings in politics around Bangladesh are available on Jagonews24. From the local scene to national level, this online paper covers it all.


Bangladeshis love their sports, and that’s why Jagonews provides excellent sporting news coverage for its readers.

Most nationally recognized sports such as cricket are covered on the regular throughout Bangladesh and globally.


The entertainment industry thrives in Bangladesh. With so many movie and music stars and loads of pop culture on display, there’s always something entertaining for readers.


Lots of activities take place every day. Such events lead to a lot of differing views and comments. The opinions section presents some of the best, objective views on several topics in Bangladesh and beyond.


Jagonews24 has a lot of online followers that rely on its website for the latest information. Based on the portal’s widespread popularity, major developments have taken place. Chief among these developments is the portal’s rolling out of mobile apps.

With mobile apps, Jagonews24 has extended its reach to a wider range of news readers. All the latest news and more are available with ease through this app for on-the-go readers.


This online news portal runs its content through Mohiuddin Sarker, the paper’s Acting Editor.


Jagonews24 is an excellent source of the latest news reports. And one exceptional feature Jagonews provides is its easy-to-reach build. You only need to get your device and connect to one of Bangladesh’s hottest news sources.

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