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The Daily Kaler Kantho which translates to “Daily Voice of Time” remains among Bangladesh’s most coveted newspapers. The paper is still wholly published in Bengali language. A lot of readers stick to KalerKantho based on its perspective on national and international topics.

Also, this Daily is referred to as liberally–affiliated, giving readers a fresh view of latest events.

Kaler Kantho

Founding Date/Current Ownership

This paper was founded on January 10, 2010 which coincides with its first issue release date. The paper was founded by Abed Khan who held the title Founder Editor until his resignation in 2011.

The paper is currently owned by East – West Media Group, a foremost media company in Bangladesh. East – West Media Group is a subsidiary of Bashundhara Group, a large firm with several interests in the media industry.


The Daily Kaler Kantho has its headquarters at East West Media Group Limited, Plot No: 371/A, Block No: D, Bashundhara R/A, Baridhara, Dhaka –1229.

Also, the publishing house runs its printing press out of Plot No: C/52, Block-K, Bashundhara, Khilkhet, Badda, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Kaler Kantho readers mostly reside in Bangla urban centers and subscribe to read its reports daily. Recently, this Daily was rated the second most circulated newspaper daily in Bangladesh, behind Prothom Alo.

Online Platform

A lot of readers now prefer reading news and getting updated online. That’s why Kaler Kantho now has an online platform for its readers.

Through the online platform, lots of readers are kept abreast with local, national, and international stories with ease. Breaking reports on sports, politics, entertainment, technology, and more are all available on ekalerkantho

The paper also has an app for Android users to quickly connect with latest events in Bangladesh and around the globe comfortably.


A recognized Bangla novelist currently serves as Kaler Kantho’s editor. Imhaduq Milan has been it’s editor since 2011. Through his time as editor, the paper has maintained its status as Bangladesh’s second-highest newspaper when it comes to daily circulation numbers. 

Feature Pages

Rongey Mela

To entertain the public, Rongey Mela is included in several Kaler Kantho issues throughout the week.

Ghorar Dim

To trigger fun stuff to excite readers, Ghorar Dim is also a regular feature on Kaler Kantho through several daily releases.

Kothay Kothay

Entertaining stuff to keep readers refreshed and relaxed features on Kothay Kothay in many daily Kaler Kantho issues.

Doctor Achen

Health is wealth, and on Doctor Achen readers get to see a lot of health-related stuff to boost their wellbeing.

Tech Pratidin

The latest tech trends to enlighten the Bangla public features on Tech Bisshow. This feature page appears in several Kaler Kantho issues every week.


Reading the Daily Kaler Kantho is surely entertaining and informative. Lots of readers swear by Kalerkantho for the extensive detailing attached to most of its reporting. And it remains one of Bangladesh’s greatest media channels for updating the public.