The Daily Star

If you’re in Bangladesh and need local and international news in English, turn to The Daily Star. This newspaper remains a favorite for many Bangladeshis within and outside the country’s borders.

A major reason behind The Daily Star’s popularity is its commitment to informing the populace. The paper’s conviction to inform is spelled clearly in its motto “Committed to People’s Right to Know”.

Apart from being sought-after by many Bengalis, Daily Star is a go-to tabloid for foreigners with an eye for Bangla news.

The Daily Star also enjoys a very high circulation index with a bulk of its readers centered on Chittagong and Dhaka.

The Daily Star

Founding Date/Current Ownership   

The Daily Star was founded on the 14th of January, 1991. Its founder, Syed Ali, founded the newspaper based on his resolve to deliver top-notch news to a newly democratic Bangladesh.

From 1991 till date, The Daily Star has evolved from a small – time newspaper to one of Bangladesh’s most prominent tabloids.

This tabloid is currently owned by Transcom Group.


There’re numerous sections available on the Daily Star. Among its most notable sections are;

  • News,
  • Arts and Entertainment,
  • Star Business,
  • National & Metropolitan,
  • Star Sports,
  • Star Business,
  • Opinion, Editorial, and more


This paper is currently headquartered at 64–65, Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Dhaka-1215, Bangladesh.

Online Platform   

The Daily Star’s online platform also commands an exceptional following. A lot of readers still stick to traditional media but the new generation is shifting towards news on mobile/PCs.

That’s why the Daily Star’s online platform on promises readers the best of everything news.

From its breaking news section to some of the best stories around the globe, it’s difficult to overlook Daily Star.

Most aspects of the Daily Star’s news focus on;

  • Breaking stories from within Bangladesh and around the world
  • Politics on the local and international scene
  • Business news from Bangladesh and financial matters with a global undertone
  • Technology news focusing on the latest tech trends and advancements
  • Local and international entertainment news
  • The hottest sports news in Bangladesh and around the world

When it comes to social media, Daily Star also has an established presence. Most of the paper’s 3 million+ followers are in Bangladesh, but its page serves as a worldwide informative piece. 

Lots of readers rely on breaking news, politics, sports, culture, tech, and more from this paper’s Facebook page.


A six – member board directs affairs of the Daily Star. Rokeya Rahman currently serves as the paper’s board of directors’ chairman. 

The Daily Star also has one of the most vibrant editorial boards in Bangladeshi print journalism;

  • Mahfuz Anam has been the Chief Editor on the Daily Star for more than a decade. He also now doubles as the paper’s publisher.
  • Salehuddin Ahmed is the paper’s current managing editor and runs the paper’s general section.
  • The paper’s Chief News Editor is Syed Haque. He also doubles as the paper’s news team head.
  • There’re several other positions held by Mizanur Rahman, Selim Chowdhury, Sher Ali, and AM Jamaluddin.

Wrong Side of the Public            

The Daily Star has had its fair share of downs since inception. Most notable among challenges faced by the tabloid have taken place within the last 15 years.

First off, the newspaper’s editor Mahfuz Anam was caught on air admitting to fielding military intelligence stories in 2007/2008. Most of the reports targeted Sheikh Hasina of being corrupt.

As a result of Anam’s confession, numerous parliamentarians called for the editor’s trial. Calls were also made for the paper’s then-publisher, Latifur Rahman, to be prosecuted alongside Anam.

Also, the paper got into more controversy immediately after reporting a story about Akramul Haque. The response from the BTRC, Bangladesh’s telecoms regulator was to block of all communication from the paper’s site. The site was unblocked almost 24hrs later.

No notice was given to the newspaper before this censoring, and many media houses still believe its related to Akramal Haque.

Aside from these two events, it’s been largely plain sailing for Daily Star Bangladesh.

Former Specials

These supplements and specials once graced the Daily Sun but have either  been replaced or cancelled.

Star Insight

This special was publicized weekly, particularly on Wednesdays. It was discontinued to create space for newer specials to feature in the tabloid.

Star Campus

This was focused on information surrounding tertiary institutions in Bangladesh. It was a regular on Sundays but has since been cancelled.

Rising Stars

The supplement Rising Stars placed its focus on teen information and entertainment. It got published for a long time on Thursdays until it was called off.

Current Supplements and Specials

Star Showbiz

With Star Showbiz, there’s a great focus on entertainment on the Daily Star. Music, movies, TV shows, and more on the local and international scene feature in this supplement.

The Star

This focuses on various topics in Bangladesh and internationally. It still gets published weekly on Fridays.


Fashion enthusiasts and lifestyle geeks will find the Lifestyle special handy. It gets published every Tuesday and attracts massive readership.


This replaced Rising Stars and focuses on providing teenagers with entertaining, educative, and informative topics.


This page features on the Daily Star. Its major focus is on technology information within Bangladesh and globally.

Law and Our Rights

This focuses on legal matters and enlightens the Bangla public on everything law. It gets published on Saturdays along with Daily Star. 


The Daily Star has evolved from a small–time news outlet to one of Bangladesh’s best in less than three decades.

Most of the paper’s readers attest to its straightforward reporting, captivating stories, and professionalism. So the next time you’re by the newsstand, ensure you pick a copy of the Daily Star while you’re at it.